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CFEE Launches a New Update, Revised, and Enhanced Edition of “Money and Youth”

Over the years, the Money and Youth book has been significantly revised on four different occasions and reprinted more than 15 times. Work has just been completed on the most extensive revision to date – and books are now hot off the presses.

The new edition has additional content and individual Teachers’ and Parent Guides for each individual Module.  The Modules of the book have been posted individually online to enable users to select Modules that are of interest or that align with topics in their curriculum.

The new edition will support teachers and students as curriculum related to financial education is increasing in provinces all across the country – including a new compulsory financial literacy course in Quebec (introduced in 2017), and new financial literacy module at the grade 10 level in Ontario which will likely be compulsory in September 2018, a new course being developed for Manitoba, two new courses being developed in Saskatchewan, a new course being developed in Newfoundland and Labrador with a significant financial education component, the new CEO course in grade 10 in PEI, a financial literacy module at grade 9 in Nova Scotia, and more.

It is great to see all the new developments across the country supporting, and improving, financial education.